NDI has developed a self-assessment for parties to use as they consider their strengths and opportunity areas. This tool is designed to help political entities with internal reflections on their current situation and to identify critical areas for strengthening and growing their operations, structure and capacities. 

When/how should it be used?

The tool is primarily intended as a self-assessment. Although it includes some suggestions on how MBPs can use the tool, there is no formal requirement for how MBPs should use the tool, for them to share the outcomes with NDI, or how they should share that information.

What does it contain?

The assessment is divided into different sections that reflect the experiences, successes, mistakes and lessons learned by several parties and movements from around the world. Each of the self assessment's 11 sections includes questions to prompt reflection or facilitate discussion about the party’s current status and future goals. The assessment topics include representation, positioning, growth potential, communications, financial resources, and many more.
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Interested in learning more?

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