Movement-Based Parties

Strategies, resources, and knowledge for democracy's newest political actors.

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NDI's Political Parties Team has developed resources for movement-based parties to build their knowledge, capacities, and resilience. Click on any of the links below to get started.


NDI has developed trainings to help MBPs map the landscape, make policy, and overcome common challenges. Click below for more.

Case Studies

Movement-based parties have emerged in every region of the world. Click here to learn more about their backgrounds and their political innovations.


Reflecting on your party's identity, strengths, and opportunity areas is vital for success. Click here to view and submit a self-assessment.

About NDI's Movement-Based Parties Initiative

With funding from the National Endowment for Democracy, NDI is examining:

Why and how MBPs emerge,

The key challenges and lessons learned from the development and evolution of these groups,

and the implications MBPs and their experiences have for safeguarding and renewing party systems and democracies around the world.

MBP Overview

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